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Our book donation program creates a campus-wide sustainability initiative that helps academic organizations raise money! Setting it up is really simple, it costs you absolutely nothing, and the books that are collected get sent directly to college students or non-profits overseas.


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$5 per box of donation books


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As a certified Benefit corporation we believe that we have an equal responsibility to students, the community, and to the planet. That is why we are proud of helping keep the cost of textbooks down and protecting the environment by keeping on average 250 tons of reusable books out of landfills every year.


Every year we help save
On Average


4,250 Trees


95,000 Gallons of oil


750 cubic yards of landfill space


1,000,000 kilowatts of energy


1,750,000 gallons of Water


62,500 pounds of carbon dioxide




Getting Started

Forget contracts or any paperwork - to get started simply fill out our form below. We will assign a donation specialist to contact you to help set up a textbook donation program at your school. Every program looks different on each campus because it is designed to fit your goals and resources available.


Turning waste into funding

As the books start to collect you can request boxes and labels to ship with from our support team. The books will be processed at our warehouse and a check payable for the books will be issued to you or an organization of your choice. We will keep track of your donation program for your campus and provide an end of the year summary of the resources saved through your efforts in our program.


Saving Students Money

The books will be processed at our warehouse will then be available for students and student organizations to purchase online as discount book materials. Average savings on our books range from 50-75% compared to book costs at your typical campus bookstore. Through this process we help students save millions of dollars on their textbook costs every year.



Books that we can't find a home for are given to one of our partner charities that donates books to non-profit organizations here at home and around the world in need of educational materials. Any books that our partners can't take and cannot be redistributed back into the market are fully recycled through our sustainability partners.



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