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Our donation bin program creates sustainability initiatives that helps academic programs and college campus organizations raise money! Setting them up is really simple, and the books that are collected get sent directly to college students or non-profits overseas.

By partnering with us we will provide the materials and expertise to set up and run your own textbook donation drive. This includes the donation bins, the boxes and shipping labels you will need to ship the books off with, and 24/7 customer support.

Set up the bins wherever you'd like and allow them to collect books as people donate. Once the bins are ready to be serviced, simply pack them up in boxes we provide, slap a shipping label on them and ship them off.

The books that are sent to us are checked in and inspected for damages. After they are processed we funnel donation funds back to your campus' account on a quarterly basis

It's our hope to help support the growth and prosperity of students that are near and dear to your campus's heart, while at the same time making an enormous impact on students all over the United States, and the world.



As a Benefit corporation we believe that we have an equal responsibility to the community and to the planet. Thats why we are proud of the hundreds of gallons of gas, water and electricity that we save by keeping usable books out of landfills and recycling plants every semester.

Every year hundreds of thousands of books are thrown away or destroyed and many of them can be reused or recycled. Our goal is to save as many as we can by putting them back into the hands of students or student organizations at reduced cost and prevent unnecessary expense of nature resources needed to dispose of unwanted textbooks.

Ever heard of a Benefit Corporation before? They are for-profit businesses that also contribute to society and the environment. Companies like Tom Shoes, Ben & Jerry's, and Patagonia are all examples of Benefit Corporations (or B Corps), and Recycle-A-Textbook is proud to be among them. Find out more at




SETTING up the bins

To get started simply fill out our form below. This will help us set up a textbook donation program at your school. We don't have paperwork or a contract to sign but we will need you to get permission to host the bins on campus. Once we have written permission we will send you the necessary amount of bins which you can set up and start collecting donations!


Saving Students Money

As the books start to collect you can request boxes and labels to ship with from our support team. The books will be processed at our warehouse where they will then be available for student and student organizations to purchase at a discount, saving them money.



Books that we can't find a home for are given to one of our partner charities that donates books to organizations here at home and around the world in need of educational materials.


Giving back to the community

We believe in taking care of our local communities and funneling money back to the partner organizations we work with based off of the market value of the books we receive. As a partner your organization will receive 30% of what the books resale for. Any books that our partners can't take and cannot be redistributed back into the market are fully recycled through our sustainability partners.



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