Best Wholesale Price Match Guarantee

We take the pain out of wholesale returns and shipments. No more waiting for bids from multiple wholesalers and then merging spreadsheets to compare. We handle it all for you and Guarantee to match or beat your best available wholesale price!  More money for less work!



Student book buy backs are one of the most critical aspects to successfully operating a collegiate bookstore. It can be a huge source of increased foot traffic into your retail locations and dramatically increase your merchandise sales. Most wholesalers provide a buy back guide with 20,000 to 100,000 titles. We can arm you with a 760,000 title guide to dramatically increase your purchasing power, help you edge out your local competition and become known as THE store that buys the most books. We offer the technology, interest free capital to buy with, and free shipping...



Our buying guide has almost 800,000 titles in it, allowing us to be the #1 choice for dead stock liquidation. You can either send us an ISBN list, or schedule a rep to come by in person to handle everything.

Whether they're willing to admit it or not, each distributor likely has a dead stock "graveyard" inside his or her warehouse that contains numerous products that once had high expectations. It affects their cash flow, takes up valuable warehouse space and freezes earnings that otherwise should be dedicated to the purchase of revenue-generating products.

As most successful bookstores do, we are sure you have a system for taking care of your dead stock already. However, we have a system to optimize the value of your dead stock.  Let one of our Regional Representatives give you a demo of our system.  We guarantee it will help you earn more.



Drive revenue by paying less for your inventory.  In order to have a successful inventory sourcing process, you’ll need to monitor two main aspects of your business: 1) efficiencies and 2) cost-effectiveness.  We source hundreds of thousands of titles nationally and provide them at costs lower than the lowest used prices on Amazon.  We provide a single source to acquire a large variety of your titles -- one shipment, one itemized receipt, lower cost.  Now that is efficiency!