Recycle-A-Textbook is a for-profit charity and Kentucky's first B Corp company. This puts us in the same category of companies such as Patagonia, Warby Parker and Better World Books, and designates us as a company that has met rigorous social and environmental standards by performing well, being accountable and transparent about our business practices.


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Our goal is to change the way that students are getting textbooks and create a sustainable market in which they can accomplish this. We have all been students and know how costly a burden it can be.


We have taken a new approach to how we want to make a difference in this space. We are committed to making a difference and a better world. Recycle-A-Textbook was recently certified as a Benefit Corporation or B Corp. A lot of people have never heard of a B Corp. In short we are a company that adheres to a strict form of transparency and accountability. We want to be a part of the sustainability movement and all three pillars, environmental, social and economic.

We have seen that this movement is really changing the way that universities and colleges are operating and we want to be a part of it. The way our program works is that we partner with a campus organization, whether it be a campus ministry, fraternity/sorority, economics or environmental club and work with them to place and service our donation bins.

Once we are able to distribute the books back into the market, through our wholesale and retail partnerships, we will funnel money back to the organization for them to accomplish whatever their philanthropic goal or initiative may be. It is very difficult for campus organizations to fund-raise and through our program we can get them much needed funds that they previously would never have had access to.

To reiterate our goal is to make a sustainable market for students and give money back to them. This program is designed to not place any burden on the university because we provide everything needed to be successful, bins, shipping boxes and labels, even the manpower. We typically reach out to sustainability and recycling departments first because even if you don’t have the authority it is good to have you in our corner and you will know which direction to go from here.